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...I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your defensive pistol course. I appreciated the personal
attention and thought the drills were concise and well thought out. I was surprised at how much I learned.
My skills as a pistol shooter have taken a quantum leap, and now I have a plan for training into the future. I
am looking forward to taking advanced courses with you.
D. O.

...I want to thank you for the training. Thanks to you my learning curve went vertical. My draw became
considerably faster and my target to target transitions improved tremendously. I spent four days at Front
Sight, and even though I learned a lot, I had more improvement in just one course with you. You have a gift
of being able to break down and analyze all the aspects of a person's shooting to improve it, but yet let their
own style remain. I just want to thank you for an awesome training experience, and hope to train with you
again soon.
J. H.

...Thank you for such great training. When I met you, I had no formal gun training and I had not shot a gun in
twenty-one years. After my first day of training, I could not believe how much confidence you had given me.
You are an excellent instructor because you emphasize safety and your training makes sense. You are
patient and reassuring. You were able to help me progress in a very short time. I look forward to training
with you again.
A. T.

...I want to thank you for your Defensive Pistol Training class. I thought I was a good shooter, but your class
improved my skill dramatically. You have the unique ability to assess weaknesses in a shooters style and
execution, to communicate what is being done wrong and how to correct it. You made me feel good about
the learning process, even the section about breaking down bad habits before building new ones. I gained
deeper understanding about shooting theory and techniques. Thanks!
L. C.

...I just wanted you to know how much I enjoy the skills that you have taught me and how much I look forward
to continuing with the advanced training that you offer. You truly are a fantastic and gifted trainer and have
made learning a very enjoyable process.
R. W.

...I just want to say thank you for the Sunday training. It gave me a lot to practice and to think about. You
probably have saved me from shooting my left hand off and for that I am very grateful. Please keep my in
mind for other training clinics that you offer.
M. W.

...Thanks again for the class on Friday.  I really had a great time and feel confident now.  You did a terrific
job.  I would recommend your class to anyone in my same position.  I know Christian had a great time too.  
B. M.

...Thank you again for your patience and expertise; you were very helpful in many areas of our training and I
feel it was very important we took your class! We will need some more polishing in the near future and hope
you will be available.
M. C.

...Thanks! Good course yesterday.  In particular, I was very pleased with the section on de-escalation.  It was
very thought provoking. I still can't believe how much I learned!
R. S.

...I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say your teaching methodology was Excellent, and I’m looking
forward to our next meeting.
C. C.

...I would just like to thank you for the class this last Saturday. It was very informative and changed the way I
look at defensive shooting. I have given quite a bit of thought to the many techniques that you introduced in
the class, and I am in the process of trying to adopt them into my practice routine. Thanks again for the
R. C.

...Just a quick email on behalf of Steve C. and myself for a most fantastic day. You are a very professional
instructor whom I would recommend to all of my suitable friends in the Coachella Valley. We both thoroughly
enjoyed ourselves and really do appreciate your words of wisdom regarding SAFETY. I think it is fair to say
that we both were somewhat surprised by the accuracy of our first attempts at real shooting-all down to you
Daryl you did a great job on us!!
D. B.

...Daryl, you are a talented teacher...knowledgeable, clear, great examples and  a nice guy!  Your passion for
your teaching and reason why you do so, comes through.  Sorry if this embarrasses you...but hey, I'm a
professional teacher, too, and I know when I connect with someone who is really great at what they do...so,
there it is! You can blush but your wife can be proud!
R. B.

...I just wanted to say thank you for yet another fantastic class.  I think I am just now coming down from the
rush and high of the carbine course. Both classes have been a great eye opening experience to what I need
to work on to become a better shooter. I look forward with great anticipation to any classes Apex will be
holding in the future. Thank you again and best regards,
D. M.
Since 1993
(760) 578-3358